2024 Excellence in Design Awards

Stay tuned for our 2024 Conference, Expo and Design awards information.  Below is a listing of the many award winning projects of our 2023 Awards.



2023 Excellence in Design Awards Winners

Good Design is Good Business Award

To be considered for this award, the project shall utilize Good Design to achieve strategic business objectives. This award is intended to recognize projects in which design excellence elevated the resulting benefit of a project to the business, institution, or community, which it serves. We are proud to award the 2020 Good Design is Good Business Award to:

Logos Academy

RLPS Architects

Jury Comments, also awarded a Merit Award

Good Design is Good Business Comments: 

The Logo Academy chose to redevelop a brownfield site instead of leaving it undeveloped. They invested in the community by creating a program that not only met the academy’s needs but also found ways to reconnect with the community. Their overall design approach added purpose to the building, which is evident. The architects allocated the best spaces on both floors of the Art Deco building for dual academic and community use, placing them front and center. The art gallery area and other amenities that connect to the community are successful, and the project supports the principles of Good Design for Good Business.

Merit Award Comments: 

The transformation of this project is remarkable. The team took great care to preserve and restore the original Art Deco dealership building while successfully repurposing it to serve both the school and the community. The addition seamlessly complements the original building, and the modernization of the interior is highly successful. The layout is straightforward yet well-designed, with spaces that are welcoming and inclusive. The decision to convert the spaces inside of the curved facade corners of the original Art Deco building into community spaces in addition to school functions is a brilliant one, as it allows everyone to enjoy the best parts of the building. The space is inviting, with carefully chosen materials and finishes that create a comfortable atmosphere. The photos of students, parents, and community members using the facility are encouraging. It feels like a great place for young children to learn and it’s clear that the architects enjoyed designing it.


Member’s Choice Award

Eachfirm may submit one project to the Member’s Choice Award Competition. Member’s from the chapter have the opportunity to vote for any project outside of their firm. Eight projects were submitted to the member’s choice award this year. We are proud to award this year’s Member’s Choice Award to:

Gardner Theater
Murray Associates Architects

Honor Awards

DC Bilingual Public Charter School Addition

Hord Coplan Macht | Honor Award

Jury Comments –

This project makes beautiful use of a handful of materials designed and detailed with exceptional rigor and thoughtfulness. The acknowledgement of the scale and proportions of the original building combined with the design and siting of the new is expertly executed, and the new spaces created are comfortable and harmonious but decidedly contemporary. The interiors are equally as considered, with much natural light filling the education spaces. The deployment of “Earth”, “Life” and “Light” are translated effectively through the patterning and material choices, and these concepts serve as lovely models of a philosophical approach towards design. And excellent model of how a school can be functional and inspirational and exemplify “good” design.

The Lowengard

Chris Dawson Architect | Honor Award

Jury Comments – This unbuilt project is truly impressive. It deals with a complex program that fits into a small space. The overall design approach by the architects is magnificent. It revisits a former print shop in an old building and creates a solid adaptive reuse program. They did a great job of keeping the character of the building while adding a contemporary street-level entry that works well. The reimagined restaurant, two residential units, and office spaces are cleverly intertwined with the building’s circulation. The impressive and complex cross-sections, renderings, and well-drawn plans were compiled and beautifully documented in a strong presentation. The architects also focused on addressing sustainability to move the project forward.

Merit Awards

Beth Tfiloh Synagogue Sanctuary Enhancements

Murphy & Dittenhaffer Architects | Merit Award

Jury Comments – This project strikes a beautiful balance between history and the modern needs of the congregation. The reaction of the new elements to the original building is bold and interesting. The architects were not afraid to make the acoustical and lighting improvements needed while simultaneously celebrating the historic architecture and iconography. Flexibility to convert the space from a smaller, more intimate room to a larger capacity for the high holidays is done sensitively to keep the full volume of the space visible.

Capitol Theater at the appell Center for the Performing Arts

Warehaus | Merit Award

Jury Comments – The architects struck an exceptional balance between restoring the theatre to its original glory and making improvements to ensure the space is functional for the next few decades. The expanded lobby creates a celebratory entry. The new sound and light locks not only isolate the theatre from the lobby, but they do so in a graceful gesture that is responsive to the existing architecture. The right-sizing of the auditorium and improvements to sightlines were also completed sensitively and successfully. Overall, this is a prime example of how renovations to historic theatres should be done.

Logos Academy

RLPS Architects | Merit Award

Jury Comments – Please see information at top of the page

Southern Market

RLPS Architects | Merit Award

Jury Comments – Contrary to the chaotic design of a lot of markets and food halls, this project has a clean design and focused energy. Detail elements like the canopy over the central bar are beautifully executed and are responsive to the history of the building while keeping a contemporary appearance. This intervention looks very appropriate and we applaud the adaptive reuse


Citation Awards

Lancaster Airport Expansion

Tippetts Weaver Architects| Citation Award

Jury Comments –This is a very clever expansion to a hangar that makes the project so much more than a hangar. The continued use of timber framing, expansive windows, and well-appointed furnishing create comfortable and contemporary spaces. The creative layout of space on the second floor compliments the function of the ground floor and will ensure this building is well utilized.

Intergenerational Center

Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects | Citation Award


Jury Comments – Given the budget and program typical to this project type, there is a real need for a design that is thoughtful. It is a successful outcome with solid programmatic design balancing the intergenerational users in open spaces, and the community aspect of the awning is a lovely touch. The use of the clerestory to act as a lantern is a beautiful move to signal a welcome to the community as well as pull in natural light. This is a wonderful example of how a handful of well-conceived moves can make a big impact when resources are limited. A lovely project.

LaVale Library

Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects| Citation Award

Jury Comments – This project successfully augmented the library’s programmed areas to create a clear and logical floor plan. The scale and vibe of the reading rooms is impeccable, and the choice of materials and furnishings is beautiful. The main reading room has the right amount of irregularity to invite library patrons to wander and explore. The connection and transparency between the building and the community makes this project stand out. LaVale should be very proud of their refreshed library.

Mountainview Middle School

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates Architects| Citation Award

Jury Comments – This project is notable for its clarity in plan and landscape while also keeping interior spaces in mind for the students and creating a variety of spaces that feel occupiable at the proper scale. The sensibility of the plan allows for excellent program functions as well as maximizing views to the exterior in order allow students to connect with nature.

Northern Gateway

Warehaus| Citation Award

Jury Comments – The most sustainable building is one that is repurposed, so it is a pleasure to see this project in the mix. The designers have done a fine job of making the distinction between old and new, and are not trying to pretend that the addition is part of the original building. Instead, through the use of simple massing and materials, the addition supports the beauty of the existing building while providing the program needed for the building to function as a restaurant.

Radio Park Elementary School

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates Architects| Citation Award

Jury Comments – The entrance to the school is aesthetically pleasing, with multiple canopies and materials that create a softer, less contemporary architectural style. The exoskeleton design is impressive, as evidenced by stunning before and after photos. The original exterior façade from 1962 was cutting-edge, but the architects skillfully incorporated new materials and designs to enhance the original style. They also preserved some of the original structure while adding beautiful, modern classrooms and support spaces designed with flexibility for the next 20 years and beyond. Inside, they chose materials thoughtfully, considering both sensibility and practicality. However, the architects also included some unique touches, like soft stone materials in the library and other features throughout the school. And they made sure to bring in plenty of natural light, which added a nice touch to the school.




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