2005 Design Awards Winners

Honor Awards
Project: The Allied Buildings
Architect: Tippetts/Weaver Architects, Inc.
Client: Tippetts/Weaver Architects, Inc.

There is a continuity in the design and clear decision making with a simple palette. As the building itself is very active, it is well developed. Even in this simple brick pedestrian building, there is a richness. The detailing of the canopy is nicely handled, consistent in delivery as it carries through the building. The canopy detailing actually says a lot about the project and the level of articulation which lends well to the historic quality of the new pieces. It is very clear that the interior of the building is receiving a different treatment, but with the same level of care as the exterior.

The architect has not over-designed this project. There is clearly an element of historic preservation that has taken place and there is an element of contemporary architecture. Yet, the architect has managed to wed these two strategies so they happily coexist.

Project: Renovation and Addition to Osburn Hall at Millersville University
Architect: Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
Client: Pennsylvania Department of General Services

Overall the project is consistent with nice decisions about the blending of materials on the building. The jury thought the interior detailing was nicely thought out and consistent, giving the feeling the architect was in control of the entire project.

The interior stair is well thought out, simple and straight forward. The modifications to the existing windows are very sympathetic to the addition and help the two phases live in harmony.

Merit Award

Project: Expansion and Renovation of Lynch Memorial Hall
Architect: TONO Architects, LLC
Client: Lebanon Valley College

The model images, the undeveloped 3D studies, and then the more developed 3D renderings really helped to describe the process that was a three-dimensional design effort which comes through not only on the drawings, but in the final articulation of the work. The basic idea of infilling the larger space with objects is a good strategy.

The process of being able to see from early concept sketches on through design studies into the consistency with the final built project is a strength. Overall, the jury thought the conceptualization of the project was rich and carried through effectively.

Citation Award

Project: Gallagher Construction Company Renovation
Architect: Tippetts/Weaver Architects, Inc.
Client: Gallagher Construction Company

“The sensitivity of the exterior and the simplicity of the notion of properly painting the building is nice. The jury appreciated how the light was handled (simple, but modern), detailing the canopy and how it sits on the building very comfortably without becoming a major element while still allowing the original brick wall to read through.

However, where the jury thought the project deserved merit was the simple notion that a building could be brought back to life by being cleaned up, painted properly and supplemented with the addition of simple canopy. This work gave it a new three-dimensional character without overpowering the existing condition.

Project: West Manchester Township Municipal Building
Architect: Murphy & Dittenhafer
Client: West Manchester Township

“The jury members appreciated the simple description about vernacular architecture and the images thereof. On this project submission, the basic idea of using vernacular sources as a starting point for the complex carried through. The main assembly room is very nice in terms of natural daylight and the feeling of space – the sort of dynamic quality. It seems like it could be a good home for the townspeople.

The merit of the project was really in the quality of the Town Hall space. The project certainly has some nice detailing that warrants attention. There was a very deliberate effort.”